Case Study

Complementing an omnichannel brand with Amazon expertise

Strategic positioning on Amazon strengthens omnichannel brand for established enterprise B2C

increase in
upswing in
user review average
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conversion increase
YoY topline
sales improvement

Core Case

Purple, an enterprise-level B2C mattress brand, was unable to monitor, optimize, or control its brand and product listings on Amazon. Purple was suffering from poor brand presence, low review scores, declining profitability, and the threat of being de-platformed. Product Labs unpacked the Marketplace for Purple, delivering data and demystifying the complexity by using Amazon’s infrastructure to achieve Purple’s aims.


In order to align brand positioning on Amazon with the brand’s identity in the larger eCommerce universe—and thereby strengthen the omnichannel brand—Purple partnered with Product Labs to ensure cross-channel alignment. With proprietary analytics and technology, Product Labs executed a strategy that helped Purple quickly iterate and respond to buyer preferences in a channel saturated with competitors.

A thorough analysis of the Purple catalog identified crucial opportunities to improve brand and product presence. This analysis led to changes in listing image quality, and optimization of listings for mobile customers.

Product Labs’ content teams strengthened product detail listings by creating premium photos, rewriting listing content, and optimizing SEO to drive qualified organic traffic.

Expert PPC rebalanced budgets on a daily basis to shift ad spends for optimal results. Low performance campaigns were removed and replaced with optimized campaigns, improving ROAS.

Given the nature of the product, Purple’s fulfillment and shipping operations entail unique challenges. Product labs optimized the processes and channels to account for oversized products, turning a paint point into a profit.

Daily monitoring of product listings identified counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers, helping Purple maintain control of interactions customers had with their brand. Improved reviews, better customer satisfaction, increased retention—the benefits of auditing listings and sellers extend well beyond conversion.


In the first year of partnership with Product Labs, Purple enjoyed an ROAS improvement of 240%, from 2.49 to 8.49. In addition to increased profitability due to more efficient marketing overall, Purple’s revenue also improved by double digits.

Optimized listings, improved product presentation, and purging counterfeit sellers and listings led to a 51 basis point conversion rate increase and raised the average review rating on Purple’s flagship product from 3.7 to a more accurate 4.5, eliminating the artificial drag of fraudulent transactions and aligning the brand’s Amazon position with its status in the larger eCommerce space.


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