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Amazon Listing Optimization

It doesn’t matter how much traffic Amazon attracts if you aren’t getting some of that action. You have the products, you have the brand ready to go, but you need to stand out in a sea of sellers. Even if you stand out, you have to be able to seal the deal and make the sale. That’s what we do! We can help you to optimize your Amazon listings so you can show up, get seen, increase sales and boost brand awareness.

Space Matters

Your space on the Amazon platform is limited–confined even. We help you to make the best use of that space. That means utilizing every feature that Amazon makes available to sellers so the information a buyer might be looking for will be there, right when they are looking for it.

Keywords Matter

Your products need to be listed using the right keywords if they are going to show up for the right searches and searchers. Our Amazon listing optimization service starts with finding the right keywords that are most relevant and descriptive. We place the keywords in the key spaces so both Amazon and searches can find what they are looking for.

The Competition Matters

Once we have a keyword list, we test to see how your competition is showing up so we can gauge how they are performing and how we can out-maneuver them. We look at images, performance, descriptions, reviews and keywords and we improve on what is working for you and for your competition.

Price Matters

We also keep a finger on the pricing pulse so we can help you to poise your products to sell and attract repeat customers. Competitive pricing is key to Amazon optimization. We start by calculating COGS and Amazon’s fees to identify the lowest acceptable price to meet the target profit margin. Then we compare that to competitor pricing and decide on a strategy: to be the low-price leader, match the average market price, or stand out as the premium brand that can demand a higher price. Ultimately, A/B testing is the only way to determine the perfect price.

Brand Registry Matters

Getting a trademark for your brand means protecting your products and opening up the ability to use A+ Content with Amazon. We can help you quickly register your brand so we can start using enhanced content like large images, infographics, comparison charts, and more. This is the best way to stand out from your competitors.

Analysis Matters

All of these tactics are necessary, but don’t underestimate the power in data. From it, we derive information that can inform your inventory decisions, your product descriptions and your overarching plan moving forward. We include in-depth reporting and continually run A/B testing so we can analyze what is working and what isn’t.

Work With Product Labs

We know the Amazon machine inside and out. We keep up with eCommerce trends so you can rely on our expertise and methods to help you succeed online. We can help you show up, get seen, increase sales and boost brand awareness. Contact us to get started today!


Some of the key ways to sell on Amazon are: 

  • Do your keyword research and use the right words
  • Use off-Amazon tools like social media and Google
  • Use better product images and videos when you can
  • Do A/B testing with keywords, ads, and sales campaigns
  • Make sure your pricing is right
  • Get Brand Registry so you can use A+ Content

Ideally, videos featured on Amazon product descriptions should be one minute or less. Videos are meant to show how a product looks or works in a concise but more detailed way than an image.

The short answer is yes! When was the last time you purchased something online that didn’t show a picture of it? In order for searchers to engage with your product at all, they need to see it, in as many ways and from as many angles as possible. In the virtual world of eCommerce, the more visual you can get, the better.

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