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Amazon A+ Content

When was the last time you purchased something online that didn’t include at least a picture? Do you prefer more or less information about a product you are buying online? As a seller or vendor on Amazon, you are taking searchers on a journey that, hopefully, results in a purchase. Amazon A+ Content gives sellers and vendors enhanced media capabilities that engage searchers and tell a far more vivid story about your product, ultimately driving conversions. Sellers who aren’t taking advantage of A+ Content as the valuable conversion asset that it is, are wasting opportunities; plain text product descriptions are no longer cutting the mustard.

Amazon Content Management

At Product Labs, we take a holistic approach to our clients’ Amazon campaigns, meaning we utilize all the tools and use best practices across the board. It isn’t enough to have great images or great keywords. These and other elements have to be combined to create Amazon listings that convert. Using enhanced brand content (or EBC) methods, we bring listings to life and help our clients to sell more and increase their rankings within Amazon and search engines alike. We manage all of that for our clients and take the guesswork out of effectively optimizing their Amazon listings.

Words are the beginning. Images get searchers to click. A+ Content seals the deal.

Other Advantages of A+ Content

Not only does A+ Content enhance the searcher’s journey toward conversion, but it reduces returns and negative reviews. This is because the purchasing decision becomes so immersive. Using highly descriptive language and vivid images to showcase your products, along with comparison charts and video, sellers can achieve a level of transparency that they can’t by using plain text alone. Videos that can show, in motion, how a product looks and/or functions, gives a dimension that text and even images can’t compare with.

Behind the Scenes

As part of our online strategies, Product Labs also ensures that everything on the backend is optimized for visibility and ranking. Search terms, metadata and branding are all part of the big picture. Making sure that images are optimized for load time, quality, and identification is part of making the whole campaign successful. A+ Content uses all of the best SEO and Amazon practices for click-through and conversions.

Let’s Get Started!

At Product Labs, we want our clients to be able to focus on the logistics of their businesses and the products they sell. We take care of everything else. We specialize in Amazon marketing and using A+ Content to optimize products and brands for our clients. We know how to get the visibility and subsequent ranking that comes from fully optimized Amazon listings. Don’t go it alone–Contact Product Labs today to start getting seen, selling more, and building your brand!


Amazon A+ Content, formerly called Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, is a suite of new content types available to add to product detail pages for accounts with Brand Registry. If you want to sell successfully on Amazon, you need to be taking advantage of the tools available to A+ Content users. A+ Content uses more and larger images, infographics, HD video, comparison charts, comprehensive product information, product introductions, highlights and a logo. A+ Content drives click-through rates, sales, and brand awareness.

Yes! A+ Content isn’t just good content, it is a way to enhance your listings by providing far more details and information. With more image capabilities, HD video, infographics, highlights, and branding options, the click-through rate is definitely improved, as are conversions, in addition to a reduction in returns and negative reviews.

Yes and no. Anyone can, but your account must be on the Amazon Brand Registry, meaning your company must be trademarked. This is to protect you, your brand, and your products from being illegally sold by others. Books, music, videos, and DVDs (BMVD) are not eligible items.

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